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Eos Trust Considerations

What makes Eos a safe online community?

Trust is a critical component of any safe community, and building a one that effectively balances user safety with the freedoms of expression and speech is something of a challenge – but it’s one that we’re tackling head on! We’ve designed built Eos with that in mind, focusing on eight key trust factors and features as described below. In true grassroots fashion we intend to listen closely to what the community needs and evolve the platform over time accordingly.  

Do you have feedback for us on how to make it better or want to report objectionable content on Eos?  Use the green “Need Help?” button that’s on all Eos pages to open a help ticket.

Safety and trust are built right into the Eos design

Understanding the eight key Eos trust factors and features

1. TILC’s core identity and purpose

The Intentional Living Collective is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to foster deeper community connections and greater social impact by delivering programs and resources that give hope, inspiration, resources, education, deeper meaning and social connection to its members. 

2. TILC’s commitment not to sell or intentionally misuse users’ data

The Intentional Living Collective, creators of the Eos Community Connections Portal, prioritizes building and maintaining real, authentic, and safe community over making a profit. It clearly states in the Eos Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that TILC will never sell or intentionally misuse Eos users’ data. And we’ve taken solid steps to try to prevent others from ever taking of Eos or doing so as well.

3. TILC’s Good Human Code of Conduct

All participants in TILC’s in-person and online communities agree to hold themselves and each other accountable to behave as good humans. To summarize: 1. We are community, 2. we are safe, 3. we act with integrity, 4. we are respectful, 5. we are fair, 6. we are supportive and inspiring, and 7. we behave constructively.

4. Eos’ terms of use and acceptable use policy

While Eos is a publicly-accessible website and community platform, only registered account holders can post content in Eos. All account holders are required to accept and adhere to the Eos Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy to protect everyone on the platform.  We’ve done a lot of work to make them clear, fair, and easy to understand. Also, things posted by account holders in Eos can be shared directly out to their accounts on other social media platforms but not the other way around.

5. Eos’ fair, transparent, member-driven content moderation policy and processes

Content moderation is a powerful yet delicate concept. It’s very important to embrace freedoms of expression and speech, but it’s also important to ensure that account holders can feel safe when posting personal content.  We’ve defined fair and transparent processes and tools in the Eos Terms of Use, and our moderation process begins and ends with real Eos community members.

6. Eos’ user transaction review system

Eos is, at its core, a powerful community support system that also integrates many other online community features like social media. When Eos account holders interact together on something like a community offer/request for help, they have the opportunity in the end to provide and discuss reviews for each other to help build their respective “trust banks” in the community.

7. Eos’ user rating system

Eos collects all the feedback a user receives from other users over time and provides an aggregate system rating using one to five stars to help other users see at a glance how others perceive each other. Users may choose to factor in how many stars an event or offer poster when deciding who to trust. Reviews and ratings can be revisited and adjusted out of fairness to everyone involved.

8. Eos’ aspirational badges

Eos account holders can earn – but never purchase – aspirational badges that will be displayed to help show other users what they’ve accomplished as a possible indicator of how trustworthy they may be. These will be displayed on posts by the user that earned them.

Individuals may earn “Rising Phoenix”, “Ambassador”, “Validated”, and “Trusted” badges.

Organizations may earn “Non-profit”, “Social Enterprise”, “Featured Change Agent”, “Validated”, and “Trusted” badges.

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