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Let's build better community together

Contribute resources directly to The Intentional Living Collective to help us do what we do best – build and serve this amazing community of change agents. Explore below how sponsors make a huge difference in what we do, and hit the “Become a sponsor” button to learn which of the three types of sponsorships we offer makes the most sense for you.

Who you are


Everyday people that want to help us do awesome things can donate money or goods, now or as part of a will.

Service providers

Organizations can donate money, goods, or services to help us better serve the community and its members.

Patrons, funders and investors

Aligned patrons, funders, grantors and investors can provide funds to help us grow and serve the community better.

Our approach

We are different when it comes to building a better future. Here are a few ways our approach stands out:

We give hope and inspiration

We use the power of personal story from our community members to give hope during challenging times and to inspire action to make things better.

We serve and connect

We serve by making it easy for individuals and organizations that need help to find and connect with those that can provide it, in a direct and simple way.

We're building better community

Our community of change agents is creating meaningful connections and collaborations together, giving people a place to plug in and make a difference.

Why become a sponsor

Do something good

We’re on a mission to change this world for the better and you can be part of it. Help us create new ways of being and new systems of relating that are built on collaboration, compassion, fairness, generosity, kindness, and love. Help us offer people a place to belong and to contribute to something better.

Make a real difference

Ours is an organic, grass roots movement pure and simple. We don’t have corporate backing or major investors so we build and do what we can afford – and our vision truly exceeds our limited resources. Your contribution will make a real difference for us and the community we serve, and the possible tax benefits of a charitable donation to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit could also make a difference for you.

Be associated with something awesome

What we’re doing is awesome and being part of it could be a good look for you and/or your organization. Aligned sponsors get promoted on our website, on social media, and at our events so your connection with us will be visible. You may also get benefit from collaborating with our other members and sponsors.

Let’s create impact together

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