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“We are walking each other home”-Ram Dass Death Doula & Magical Hair Dresser


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Midwest US
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I'm passionate and compassionate about people and all of life here on our beautiful planet. I see our planet as sacred, especially our water ways. The Great Lakes here in Michigan surround us and are our life line. They also amplify our frequency. I'm here to help where I can when I can how ever I can. It always look different. The call or invitation arises and I take action. I'm learning to embrace life, and accept the decay of the body life cycle. I'm pro death positivity. Natural means of body care after death. I am on a healing journey my self from divorce grief, and processing so much of what wasn't mine but i carry for my lineage and for this planet. I am discovering my Soul and how to function in alignment with my heart. This is a life time of discovery, and i'm here for it. I love ceremony and intention when it comes to healing, transformation, & living. I live a sacred life, because I believe it's what needed for the rise of humanity. I'm here to connect, and build as many connections and recourses for our community and people as possible. A Safe, Peaceful, Sustainable life is super important to me. I am a seeder of a non-profit called the "Great Lakes Rose Temple". Its a means to raise funds to aid in our vulnerable community. If you would like to read the google doc and get involved we would love to have you and your beautiful heart. Just Message me. I'm a hairdresser for fun, I travel all over doing wedding hair, and I work at a Barber shop! I love singing, getting charged up from our gorgeous planet, travel, hanging with the ladies, Animals, family, and building community.
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