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Founded in 1985, Business Development Group focuses on organizational and individual performance improvement to help the organizations learn, grow, and adapt in order to meet strategic, operational, and financial needs. We have worked to enhance leadership, relationship and organizational culture. This results in the integration of solutions for new challenges. The focus of Neil's career has consisted of creating and implementing growth strategies which develop High Contribution Cultures so that the organization and its members achieve their desired goals. He has worked with several types of organizations (not for profit, for profit and government agencies) and industries domestically and internationally. He works with an organization’s leadership to improve leaders (ranging from board rooms and their executives at the most senior level through intermediate management to supervisory levels) in diverse sectors – municipal, education, for-profit, not-for-profit sectors – in both union and non-union environments. As Professional Instructor of Public Administration for Western Michigan University, Neil teaches in the graduate school focusing on organizational strategy courses. He has also held staff appointments at several other colleges and universities in a variety of areas. Over 170 articles have been published in various journals in the areas of business and healthcare. Also he has written several book chapters, training manuals. The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals has also published one of his books. Since 2007 he has been a peer editor for the Journal of Emergency management. Additionally, he has served several roles in several organizations – he has been a member, an organizational president and a board member. Currently he is seated on several Boards of Directors of not-for-profit enterprises fulfilling strategy and/or operational oversight roles. In addition to consulting, he lectures and presents interactive workshops nationally and internationally in areas relating to strategic planning, leadership, organizational culture, organizational transition and change, and corporate and individual performance. If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to visit the Group’s website www.busdevgroup.com and/or contact Neil at [email protected]
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