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Iglesia Martell
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Southeast MI / northwest OH
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Iglesia Martell Law Firm envisions a world where lawyers are valued as healers, helpers, counselors, problem-solvers, and peacemakers; where conflicts are seen as opportunities for growth; and where lawyers model balanced lives and are respected for their contributions to the greater good. We seek to transform the practice of law, one day at a time through education and support of holistic practice.
Providing A Compassionate And Holistic Approach To Family Law Because We Understand How Important Family Is And How Life Is Often Full Of Major And Minor Crises That Can Shake You To Your Very Core. Collaborative Divorce Attorney.
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Angie Martell
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(734) 369-2331
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Life Transitions Supported
Abuse Or Domestic Violence | Divorce Or Uncoupling | Job Or Career Change | Starting Or Buying A Business
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