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The Great Lakes Rose Temple
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The Great Lakes Rose Temple vision is a 5013C. The Members of the temple are active in community. Red Tenters, water activists, Doulas, Midwives, Visionaries, Ministers, Artists, Musicians, Medicine Carriers. We are actively raising awareness about healing in community no matter your gender, race, spirituality or status quo. Circling up, rising up, and being educated. We spread the knowledge that we learn with our surrounding areas. Everywhere we go really. For the greater good of “Our” people. A vision came. The Great Waters showed us how they were amplifiers or speakers. They omit the frequency of its peoples & consciousness. The Waters also gift is prayers and codes on how to do this. How to be unified. This is a seedling inspired from circling up in Red Tent. The impact it has had on so many. On the contrary so many we have spoken to didn’t know they could just gather up! Let’s spread group healing awareness. We intend to raise funds to educate those Medicine peoples, Doulas, Midwives, care givers & companions. Funding for these Holistic and necessary part of humanity. To aid our peoples thru the process of Life thru Death ushering the veils and in between. We are just getting started! Thank you for supporting our mission and vision there is so much to come. We will need assistance with Putting together our Board. Website Knowledgeable folks 5013C or 508C1A Administration Fundraising Event planning (Traveling Red Tent) Educators- all sorts Ceremonialist Trauma informed leaders It feels so wonderful to get this seedling out in the open! As an individual we can do great things, but as a community we can make great change! Together is how we really do this! Are you curious? Are you ready? Let’s go!!up for Great Lakes Rose Temple.
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Addiction And Recovery | Aging And Claiming Sovereignty | Coming Of Age | Divorce Or Uncoupling | Emerging Self Awareness | Grieving | Health Crisis
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