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Deep Spring Center For Meditation
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Southeast MI / northwest OH
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Deep Spring Center focuses on how we can live with more wisdom and compassion, with lovingkindness and non-harm to all beings. Our primary work includes meditation and spiritual inquiry. Spiritual inquiry entails questions related to our deepest purposes here on earth: Who are we? Are we merely body and mind or is there a deeper, universal essence to our being? Why are we incarnate, and to what use may we put this incarnate experience? Life offers us some painful experiences. How can we relate to these as “teachers” rather than opponents and respond with increasing wisdom, compassion, and love?
Deep Spring Center (DSC), Based In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Is A Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization Established To Disseminate The Teachings Of Barbara Brodsky, A Channel For The Discarnate Entity Aaron. DSC Supports Individuals From Around The World Who Are Learning To Live With A Greater Sense Of Their Life’s Purpose And Meaning, And With Greater Compassion For Self And Others.
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(734) 477-5848
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Emerging Self Awareness
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