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DEAF CAN/ Deaf Can Community Advocacy Network
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Southeast MI / northwest OH
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Deaf Community Advocacy Network – DEAF C.A.N.! is a non-profit Organization established in 1981 to provide services to the thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people living in our area. DEAF C.A.N.! offers direct client services to individuals and families, as well as community education and information for professional groups. DEAF C.A.N.! provides a full array of services to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing communities in southeastern Michigan. DEAF C.A.N.! is partially supported by generous donations from individuals, community organizations, corporations and foundations.
Deaf Community Advocacy Network – DEAF C.A.N.! Is A Non-profit Organization Established In 1981 To Provide Services To The Thousands Of Deaf And Hard Of Hearing People Living In Our Area. DEAF C.A.N.! Offers Direct Client Services To Individuals And Families, As Well As Community Education And Information For Professional Groups. DEAF C.A.N.! Provides A Full Array Of Services To The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing Communities In Southeastern Michigan. DEAF C.A.N.! Is Partially Supported By Generous Donations From Individuals, Community Organizations, Corporations And Foundations.
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(248) 332-3331
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Life Transitions Supported
Health Crisis | Parenting Challenges
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