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Camp Good Grief
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Southeast MI / northwest OH
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Free one day camp for children ages 5-17. At Camp Good Grief our mission is to bring children and teens who are grieving together in a caring and supportive environment. We want to help kids acquire the language needed to express the confusing feelings associated with grief and bereavement as they begin the ongoing process of integrating their loss into everyday life. Children often receive the message NOT to talk about the death or their grief. At Camp, we see and feel the children’s relief on the very first day as they realize here they are no different. They see, at Camp, everyone has had someone they care about die and it’s OK to talk about it.
Free One Day Camp For Children Ages 5-17. At Camp Good Grief Our Mission Is To Bring Children And Teens Who Are Grieving Together In A Caring And Supportive Environment. We Want To Help Kids Acquire The Language Needed To Express The Confusing Feelings Associated With Grief And Bereavement As They Begin The Ongoing Process Of Integrating Their Loss Into Everyday Life. Children Often Receive The Message NOT To Talk About The Death Or Their Grief. At Camp, We See And Feel The Children’s Relief On The Very First Day As They Realize Here They Are No Different. They See, At Camp, Everyone Has Had Someone They Care About Die And It’s OK To Talk About It.
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631 288 8400
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