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Ceremonies / Mara Evenstar

Mara Evenstar

Program Content Lead, Principle Facilitator

I have been learning, practicing and teaching within the realm of transformative arts for over twenty years. I feel it is part of my life’s purpose to help us all actualize our full potential and experience our true selves. As a Transpersonal Consultant, I wish to serve those going through transformative life experiences. Most recently this call has come in the form of collaborating and co-creating Conscious Rites, and in focusing on the very real need for coming-of-age support for our youth in these times.

My academic background is in Anthropology (BA) and Transpersonal Psychology (MTP) specializing in spiritual psychology and organizational development. Beyond the development of workshops and classes, I have brought this learning into Siena Heights University and Washtenaw Community College classrooms.

​I am currently studying with Jean Houston, working on my doctorate (Ed.D) with Meridian University. The focus of my program is on organizational leadership and social transformation, where I am building and deepening my gifts as a Social Artist. My practice is grounded in professional, real-world experience with research and development in education, business, and technology. In addition to working with clients and building the organizations you can read about on my Arammai Services website, my internet talk radio show, The Art of Transformation, aired in 2015.

And of course I should mention, I come to this program with rich parenting experience. I have three amazing daughters and two wonderful bonus-sons – all whom have traversed through adolescence and have launched into adulthood. I did the math, and because of the spread, I had at least one adolescent living in my home for 16 consecutive years! I now have three beautiful granddaughters, the oldest is currently emerging into her tween years! What a beautiful ride.

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