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The tenth annual Rising Phoenix awards are happening Saturday March 18th, 2023and the fifteen people receiving awards this year have all shared hopeful and inspiring stories of having risen from the ashes of challenging major life transitions and then did something meaningful to help others going through something similar.  

This inspiring and community-connecting event is open to the public!  Learn more, listen to the recipients’ stories, and register to attend at https://www.eosportal.org/rising-phoenix-award/

Request: Graphic design services for a new online workbook

Detail: Our business legacy planning product/service is an extension of our personal legacy planning offerings .  Our Business Legacy Planning workbook is partially complete but we parked the project while working on other things and we’re coming back around to finish it – and we need to find a good graphic designer to work with.

Value exchange offer: We can’t offer much in terms of monetary compensation but we can offer personal legacy planning products and service in exchange for services.  We can also offer an IOU for future payment based on sales of the finished product.

Background: Living authentically may involve starting or owning a business through which your own personal wishes, intentions, and plans can be fulfilled.  In Business Legacy Planning we offer experienced business startup services as well as planning tools to help ensure your personal legacy will be fulfilled through your business.  Whether starting a new business to fulfill your life’s purpose or making plans to ensure your existing business fulfills your vision with or without you, a well-prepared Business Legacy Plan is very important.  


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