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Ceremonies / Life Celebrations

Custom Life Celebration Ceremony

A well-planned life celebration ceremony can completely change the way we experience the passing of a loved one.

“I want to be celebrated, not mourned!”

Transforming the grieving process for all involved

Plan and prepare

Advance planning is ideal to save your loved ones stress, conflict and money, but good preparation can happen anytime.

Communicate and connect

Having a good plan and a certified celebrant involved makes communication and connection between family members much easier on everyone.

Grieve and celebrate

Grieving is important, and we'll help you do that while honoring the process of mourning their loss and celebrating their life.

Celebrate a life as a beautiful work of art. We’ll guide you every step of the way.


Deliver a ceremony that deeply connects participants with the person that passed, while helping them grieve in a healthy way. We’ll help envision and plan a custom life celebration, put the plan to paper, and communicate it as appropriate.

You focus on grieving well and healing, we’ll handle the details


Our certified celebrants take the lead to deliver the ceremony as planned with compassion and grace, coordinating with key family and friends as well as other involved professionals to relieve the stress and ensure the deceased’s intentions and wishes are fulfilled.

See how our custom ceremonies impacted others

Dad’s passing was hard on all of us, but his decision to plan a life celebration ceremony ahead of time allowed our family and friends to come together in a unique way of his own choosing to grieve while celebrating all the joy he brought us rather then focus on mourning.”

Loo family ceremony customizations

Meet our celebrants

A celebrant is someone that has been empowered and trained to create and deliver ceremonies to mark big life changes. Our celebrants are legally empowered and have been trained to create powerful ceremonies that deliver depth and meaning for the individual, their families, and their communities.

Mara Evenstar

Mara delivers beautiful, meaningful and powerful ceremonies that add depth and meaning to all of life’s big transitions.

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Callan Loo

Creative, compassionate and experienced. Cal is a certified celebrant, using his ordination to deliver life-changing ceremony.

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Your questions answered

Life celebration ceremonies start at $250 and include working with a celebrant to plan, document, communicate, and deliver the ceremony. The actual cost could vary depending on how much customization and travel is required by the celebrant. Everything will be covered in the planning process so there won’t be any surprises.

Possibly, but not necessarily. Life celebrations can sometimes replace traditional funerals and sometimes be a great compliment to them.

The planning process can start any time, and can be a wonderful thing to do with someone while they’re still alive. Ideally we’ll work with the subject person while they’re still alive and can be part of the planning process, but we can also start working with their survivors after they’ve passed.  We typically start with a 15 to 30 minute phone meeting to discuss your needs and wants, and also to answer any questions you may have about working with us. Once you decide to plan a ceremony with us you will submit the initial ceremony planning form and make a reasonable deposit, and from there we’ll set up additional planning meetings as needed to get all the details right. Then, on the day of the ceremony, our celebrant will warmly, compassionately, and professionally deliver the amazing ceremony you helped plan. You can pay the balance when it’s done.

Yes, when available our celebrants are ready and willing to support families wherever they may be. Services provided outside of our SE Michigan/NW Ohio home region will require that clients cover all reasonable travel costs.

They can be, or they can not be, depending on the client. We serve families of all spiritual perspectives or religious faiths and will create and deliver services that honor virtually any respectful and reasonable belief system.

Let us help you grieve well and balance mourning the loss of a loved one while celebrating a life well lived

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