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  • Eos early adopters are the online community trailblazers that want to jump in to help us find bugs, make improvements, and test new features before they’re available to the general public. Eos really IS pretty amazing, but it’s far from perfect. We’re a very small, grassroots organization and we need help to make Eos into all that it can be, so we’re running this program to involve the community and is intended to run through March of 2023 while we shake out the initial release. We’re already planning new features and future releases, but we just can’t do it alone and in true grassroots fashion we’re inviting the community in to help us.

Here's who you are:

We welcome all individuals and organizations in North America that are over 18 years old that want to help us, as long as you meet the following criteria: 1. You’re computer literate, you speak fluent English, and enjoy spending time online, 2. You have a genuine interest in helping us redefine online community for the better, 3. You have a laptop or desktop computer that runs either Safari or Chrome browsers, 4. You’re willing and able to commit at least a couple hours a week on average to exploring Eos, and 5. You enjoy working as part of a team and will participate in Early Adopter user groups and discussion forums.


Here's what you'll be doing:

Here’s how you will help us make Eos all that it can be: 1. Explore Eos and test as many of the features as you can, 2. Identify and report bugs for us to fix, 3. Give feedback about what you like and don’t like in Eos, 4. Participate in early adopter groups and discussion forums, 5. Be an advocate for Eos and The Intentional Living Collective when it feels right to do so, and 6. Invite friends, family, and aligned organizations to join the Eos community when it feels right to do so.

Here's what you'll get:

We really appreciate the help from Early Adopters and will give them the following things show it: 1. Early access to new Eos features, 2. Priority access to technical support resources , private Early Adopter online groups, and private discussion forums, 3. 50% off your first year Eos Premier account fees, 4. The satisfaction and fun of helping to build something amazing and impactful, and 4. Cool and fun Eos logo gear, including a Free Eos Early Adopter ball cap, a free black Eos logo tank top or TILC logo T-shirt, and a free Eos logo water bottle or Eos re-usable straw.

We're here to support you every step of the way!

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