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Community post guidelines – February 2023

Community posts differ from personal posts in some important ways and I want to take a moment to explain the differences.

1. COMMUNITY POSTS are intended to share information publicly with the entire Eos user community that would reasonably be of interest across the user base, and they may not ever be advertisements or offers of any sort. PERSONAL POSTS are done from your own dashboard and are intended to share something with other users that are your friends.

2. Advertisements are not allowed, and help offers / help requests may not be placed in COMMUNITY POSTS (they belong in the Community Support section). You can post just about anything you wish in PERSONAL POSTS as long as it doesn’t violate the Eos acceptable use policy at https://www.eosportal.org/acceptable-use-policy/.

3. Content in COMMUNITY POSTS is considered public and may be proactively reviewed by Eos moderators. Content in PERSONAL POSTS is generally not proactively reviewed, but may still be moderated if it’s flagged by another Eos user.

Hope this helps!


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