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Coming of age

Coming of Age - Custom Ceremonies and Programs

Coming of Age ceremonies are very important experiences to help prepare our children for the next phase of their life, and they’re most effective for young teens 12-14 and older teens 17-19 years old. We design custom coming of age journeys for individuals or small groups that help them and their families gracefully navigate the transition to the next phase of their lives. We also offer unique, small-group coming of age programs that help pre-teens and their families navigate the challenges of transitioning into adolescence, and doing it in the company of peers adds depth, meaning and connections to these already-powerful coming of age experiences.

Time and space to reflect and release

Recognizing and appreciating what’s being left behind as a child or adolescent is important for letting go of old roles and patterns and moving on to what’s next. For small groups or programs, we’ll create a cohort that will take this journey together and build initial bonds based on shared feelings of what they’ll be giving up and what they’ll be gaining.

An opportunity to explore and prepare


Accepting uncertainty, exploring new possibilities, learning new skills, and creating healthy new relationships are all part of any good coming of age experience. Initiates will explore their changing identities and imagine who they want to be while uncovering their unique gifts, and parents or mentors will explore resources and insights that supplement your own knowledge and experiences.

A container in which to embrace change and integrate it

Defining and embracing a unique path forward for the initiate leads to recognition and celebration of their new role in their community. Initiates will grow and thrive by learning healthy ways to navigate social scenes, peer pressure, parental pressure, their changing bodies, strong emotions, responsibilities and stress. Parents and mentors will feel more freedom and confidence in their roles as guides. A coming of age ceremony involving extended community is a great way to bring closure to this phase of the journey!

Creating Custom Coming of Age Journeys

Our custom coming of age experiences help define individual and family core values and use them as the basis for thoughtfully considering key aspects of the next phase of life and building a “tribe” of mentors to help along the path. Many adults in our society never received an intentional, effective coming of age experience and we deliver meaningful ceremonies for them too.  Use the button below to contact us and start the process of planning your custom Coming of Age journey.

Our Coming of Age Programs

3-Month Journey

$300* Base pricing

6-Month Journey

$600* Base pricing

Personalized 6-Month Journey

$800* Base pricing

Meet our celebrants

A celebrant is someone that has been empowered and trained to create and deliver ceremonies to mark big life changes. Our celebrants are legally empowered and have been trained to create powerful ceremonies that deliver depth and meaning for the individual, their families, and their communities.

Mara Evenstar

Mara delivers beautiful, meaningful and powerful ceremonies that add depth and meaning to all of life’s big transitions.

Learn more
Callan Loo

Creative, compassionate and experienced. Cal is a certified celebrant, using his ordination to deliver life-changing ceremony.

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Frequently asked questions 

Custom ceremonies start at $250 and include working with a celebrant to plan, document, communicate, and deliver the ceremony. The actual cost could vary depending on how much planning time, item preparation, and travel is required by the celebrant.  Everything will be documented in the planning process so there will be no surprises.

We typically start with a 15 to 30 minute phone meeting to discuss your needs and wants, and also to answer any questions you may have about working with us. Once you decide to plan a ceremony with us you will submit the initial ceremony planning form and make a reasonable deposit, and from there we’ll set up additional planning meetings as needed to get all the details right. Then our celebrant will “make it official” by delivering the amazing ceremony you helped plan.  

Yes, depending on availability our celebrants are ready and willing to support families wherever they may be. Services provided outside of our SE Michigan/NW Ohio home region will require that clients cover all reasonable travel costs.

They can be, or they can not be, depending on the client. We serve families of all spiritual perspectives or religious faiths and will create and deliver services that honor virtually any respectful and reasonable belief system.

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