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Benefits For Organizations

Benefits For Organizations

Extend your reach and multiply your impact


Showcase your resources and services to others in our community, connect with other users, and build your own sub-communities in Eos. With even more powerful features for Preferred and Premier accounts, you are equipped to better serve our collective community and grow your impact with great speed and scale! 

Be part of the community your clients are asking for

Public and private groups

Build and manage your own sub-communities in Eos – a great way to give your clients, collaborators, supporters, and friends a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Community forums

Come join the discussions with other Eos users about relevant topics in public and private forums. Share your ideas and build meaningful relationships with current and potential clients.

Events and activities

Post and manage your own events in Eos, find interesting events to attend yourself, or invite your clients to aligned events from other Eos organizations in your area of interest. 

Reach more, serve more


Scale your impact by making it easy for clients and collaborators to find you through your listing on our Community Resource Portal.  Showcase your programs and services through Member to Member Help Offers. Preferred and Premier accounts offer even more benefits to attract and serve more individuals and organizations in the community.

Collaborate and share resources

Eos organizational members are often caring, resourceful, and fully committed to serving our community. With effective search filters and in-system messaging you can find and connect with other service providers to share resources with and collaborate with to help your clients.  Organizational Preferred and Premier account holders can also create and manage private groups as sub-communities within Eos.

Be seen your way


Share your story and offerings with our local and extended communities through your organizational profile and member-to-member offerings – a great way to make connections and build trust. Organizational Preferred and Premier accounts are eligible for Eos page sponsorships for visibility.  Premier accounts are also eligible to place aligned, approved in-system ads to Eos users with free accounts and may be featured in our blog and YouTube channel (when available).

Data security and safety


* Guarantee that user data will never be sold or intentionally misused

* Advanced site security from a trusted hosting company

* Hosting on a dedicated server to ensure security and bandwidth

* Users own their own data and have full control of who gets to see it

* Unique “Inner Circle” and “Trusted  Professionals” data field settings facilitate secure and safe sharing of sensitive personal information

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