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Ambassador Program - Be there for "your people"

You've risen from the ashes yourself, you know how hard it can be. Fulfill your role as a change agent by using your experiences to help others struggling with like challenges.

Who you are

You have experience in - and a deep passion for - one of the big life challenges we support
You want to give something back by helping others that are dealing with what you’ve experienced;
You want to be part of a team of passionate, kind and creative volunteers just like yourself

What you’ll be doing


Listen to people and organizations to understand what they need and how we can best help them


Connect people that need help and resources with organizations and people that can provide them


Assume team leadership roles as desired and available to continue personal growth and development

Give hope and inspiration

Use your own knowledge and experiences to give hope and inspiration to others in need


Work as part of the volunteer ambassador team to coordinate efforts for best impact and results


Represent us in the community and advocate back to us on behalf of “your people"

Why become an Ambassador?

Satisfaction from serving

Putting your own knowledge and experience to use helping others facing similar challenges can be hugely satisfying and can also be an important part of your own healing experience.

Learning and growth opportunities

As part of the volunteer ambassador team you can learn from others on the team and benefit from the training we provide. If chosen to be a “lead” ambassador you will coordinate the efforts of others in your area and develop valuable leadership skills.

Knowledge, connections and resources

Build meaningful connections with our leadership team, other ambassadors, and others in the community you serve. To maximize the impact of your passion and efforts, we also offer our ambassadors a rich collection of resources and tools.

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